Enterprise UAV Solutions  

Our extensive range of advanced UAVs and aerial robotics are integrated with world leading and industry first sensors, to ensure precise and accurate engineering data, underpinned by a combination of specialist in-house inspection, engineering, and technical support resources in NDT.


Our Drone-as-as Service (DaaS) focuses on the Oil & GasUtilities & Power, & Construction Industries in Saudi Arabia. 

Industrial UAV-Based Services & Tools


  • Specific UAV utilized and tailored to each industry segment. 

  • Airspace management and coordination.

  • Autonomous flights.

  • Certified and trained pilots.


  • Pictures, annotation and mark-up capabilities.

  •  Command and control onboard sensors.

  • Mission planning, data tagging, photo classification and annotating.


  • Enhanced data visualization and reporting.

  •  Searchable and standardized data from every inspection at your fingertips.

  •  Optimized operations.


 Our Vision

To become the GCC’s leading company specialized in providing reliable, repeatable, and affordable UAV-based services. 


We invest in leading edge technology to provide solutions for complex project requirements. We believe that we can change the way businesses view their assets and manage resources. 

Our Philosophy 

Our Mission 


To reduce and eliminate the need for costly, time consuming, and hazardous work in high risk and labor-intensive industries utilizing state-of-the-art UAV solutions and aerial robotics. 




I Need Drone Services, So What’s Next?

If you’re interested in learning more about the capabilities of our UAV services, feel free to contact us and ask. We will provide you with the best prices, details, and staff implement drone services in your project or business operations.

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