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 UAV-Based Services For    Construction   

 We acquire, process, and deliver a 

 variety of data for any given mining

or construction site ranging from 

underground inspections, underground mappingaerial photography, 3D photogrammetry, and thermography. 



We utilize UAV-acquired data for Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, and Predictive Maintenance purposes of mining and construction facilities.  

Put Our UAVs Intelligence to Work on Your Job Site

Mines Remote Inspection

Our specialized UAVs are capable of Beyond Visual Line of Sight  (BVLOS) operations to provide Close Visual Inspections (CVI) & thermal inspections in places where humans are not allowed. 


Enabling the mining site to quickly and safely recover from unexpected interrupts to production and to provide authorities with a safe plan for the initial inspection for re-start.


Underground Mining.jpg

BRAQ Industries provide tunnel inspections ,surveys , and 3D maps to generate detailed-as-built reports 

including high definition texture layers and survey grade geo-referenced point clouds.

Our UAVs are equipped with laser scanners and sense & avoid sensors 

to avoid collisions with objects and walls.

Construction Site Surveys

We collect comprehensive data for site planning and modeling including

orthomosaics, digital surface models (DSM), contour lines ,stock pile identification with cost-effective volume calculations and analysis. 


Our equipment uses geo-referenced aerial images of the site allowing us to compile a detailed image based map.



Construction Progress Monitoring

Our pilots periodically conduct progress updates and monitor, and track productivity on all large-scale and small-scale construction projects with detailed aerial views with high quality, recorded and live updates. 


Our UAV-based services helps Identifying challenges and opportunities to assist every phase

of a construction project.

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