UAV-Based Inspections For Oil & GAS


We provide ultra-safe, accurate, and efficient visual, thermal, and NDT inspections of Confined Spaces,

Onshore Rigs, Offshore Rigs, FPSOs, and Drilling Ships. 



Our service scope also includes asset digitization and monitoring of facilities condition , pipeline integrity, drilling operations, employee and site safety, and environmental surveys. 

Key Benefits of Our Inspections Solutions 


Improved Safety

( No Human Entry) 


5x Faster Than Traditional Methods


4x Cost Savings   


Data Quality

& Consistency


Higher Accuracy 


Going Further 


Shorter Downtime


No Expensive Crane Rental , Rope Access or Scaffolding 

General Visual Inspections (GVI) of piping clogging

Corrosion and welds Close Visual


Confined Space Inspections 

 Our highly trained pilots can

fly in hazardous or simply inaccessible environments to check the inside of ballasts and tanks for possible anomalies of the structures in confined and complex industrial assets; providing reliable General Visual Inspections (GVI), Close Visual Inspections (CVI), along with thermal inspections.



- Internal Tank Inspection

- Internal Flare Stack Inspection 

- Internal pipe Inspection

- Boiler Inspection

- Pressures Vessels Inspection 

- Exhaust Funnel Inspection

Onshore Rigs Inspections

BRAQ Industries inspectors can easily, quickly, and safely give asset owners visual, thermal, and NDT inspections of hard to access structures and current condition of coatings, areas of damage to supports, Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), heat loss, and missing insulation.  


- Live Flare Stack Inspection

- Chimney & Cooling Tower     


- Refinery & Storage Tank Inspection

- Pipeline Inspection

- Cranes Inspection 

- Gas Leak Detection Inspection

- 3D Reproductions of facility


Above Ground Storage Tank

(AST) Visual Inspection

Live Flare Visual Inspection


Derrick Close Visual

 Inspection (CVI)

General Visual Inspections (GVI) of Corrosion

Offshore Rigs Inspections

BRAQ Industries certified 

pilots can capture close high resolution imagery of offshore rig areas that cannot be accessed safely such as under decks and topside areas.  



- Derrick Inspection

- Flare Boom Inspection

- Cranes Inspection 

- Underdeck Inspection

- Top side Inspections

- Storage Tank Inspection

Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO) Vessel Inspections

BRAQ Industries uses an indoor UAVs to provide Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO) Vessel owners/operators with a faster inspection method and a greater quantity and quality of image data compared to what they had previously been able to gather using rope access or scaffolding.


- Flare Boom Inspection

Cranes Inspection 

Top Side Inspection

Polar Tank Inspection

Hull Inspection

Close Visual Inspection (CVI) of Vessel Holds

General Visual Inspection (GVI) of Polar tank