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 UAV-Based Inspections

 For Utilities 

We conduct flexible, cost-effective, and more comprehensive transmission and distribution asset inspections, powerline inspections, isolator check, leak detection, cell towers inspections, emergency inspections, asset management and surveillance. 

Now, using UAVs, 

you can get better data, faster!



  • As in preventing fatal helicopter crashes or accidents from having to manually climb towers to take readings; 

  • No need for workers to ascend to heights.

  • Inspections are done from a safe distance.


Time To Value


  • using UAVs to fly over a wide area and collect high-quality data much more quickly than any traditional methods.

  • Greatly reduce man hours and costs by using UAVs to conduct inspections, saving 30 – 50% of the cost and time. 


More Accurate 

  •  Higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections with real-time images, video feed, and zoom/thermal/4k capabilities can be transmitted to a ground control station.

  • Thermal and LIDAR can be used to aid in inspecting and monitoring the corridor for power lines and towers.

Visual Inspections 

We provide Comprehensive Visual Inspections (CVI), routine and fault inspections  such as Overhead Networks Cable Termination, Fuse Holder & Disconnect switches connections​, HV Open Switchyard connections, Loose breaker connection, Faulty crimps, Loose UPS cell links, Faulty UPS cells under discharge​ , Motors,  HV Cables

Corona Detection

Our UAVs can detect corona and partial discharges that happen due to gas ionization around an high voltage overhead transmission or distribution installation.

Infrared Inspections

Using high resolution and thermal imaging cameras, our UAV pilots conduct flights over electric substations to identify hot spots, poor connections, damaged components and security concerns before they lead to equipment failure. As a part of our Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program for the detection of Hot spots and imminent failure.

Corridor Mapping

We provide corridor mapping services enabling utility & transportation companies to assess an area where new infrastructure such as power lines or train tracks need to be built. 

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